Welcome to Lindorm CMS

Thank you for trying out the Lindorm CMS!

The site is now installed with a few default settings, you should log in and change the password right away.

The default login information is:
Username: admin
Password: 12345

To my knowledge, Lindorm is the first CMS ever to be created specifically for OpenBD.

This is an Alpha release, so expect bugs and missing features, also keep in mind that while we think security is important, this release it NOT meant for live sites, partly because it's not hardened or properly tested against security breaches.

Lindorm CMS is to be the easiest and fastest way to get a CMS on OpenBD whether you're a developer or end-user.

Documentation (Sparse) is available at http://lindormcms.riaforge.org/wiki/

It currently ships with only three templates, but more will be available for download within a few weeks.

- Marcus Fernstrom, creator of Lindorm CMS

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